STORMBREAK Episode 24: Task Forced
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Previously, in Stormbreak: At Flatbed, Stormbreak's ocean-going base of operations…

The sea was a restless drunk rolling and flinching with the DTs. The open-grate walkway leaned far toward the water as a swell crawled under the ship. Mac knew it would soon tilt back the other way, but an unreasonable fear clutched his groin at the possibility of capsizing.

"I thought you were Navy!" Xena yelled to him over cracking thunder. "A little weather scares you?"

"Weather doesn't roll an aircraft carrier!" Mac licked salt from his lips. "Weather rolls around an aircraft carrier!"

Xena clutched the handle of a door along their slippery hike. "Here!" she called. "This is Mod 2! Your rathole!"...

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