Mausoleum (1)
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Blood oozes through my fingers, gleaming black under the stuttering strip-light. It’s been quiet for minutes now. The sirens have stopped, but the blue light still stabs through the shallow windows up at street level. There’s a thudding on the heavy metal door. No surprise.

‘Come out! You can’t escape.’

They’re right, I can’t. I’ll die here. Pray God that it ends before they break the door down.

How did it ever come to this?

I’ve made some bad calls before and survived. Yet, somehow, everything  seemed to go wrong. Too late to mend matters now, my luck’s deserted me.

The stone floor is cool and dry to the touch. The air is dank, despite the heat outside. It must be a while since anyone’s been in here, it’s covere...

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Table of Contents

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