Stories from the Roller Coaster
By Al Ainsworth

Sandra Robinson      7/16/16 1:46 PM

It is easy to have faith during the good times. It is human nature to doubt when things go wrong but keeping faith is the real strength. Love your work.
Al Ainsworth      7/19/16 12:26 PM
Thanks, Sandra. I am helping two friends walk through circumstances similar to those I write about in the book. What they are going through is unfortunate and unfair, but they are relying on their faith, which is strengthening mine. I am reminded that my stories didn't happen in a silo, but they are meant to connect with others and offer encouragement to them that God is who He says He is.

Tamara Miles      6/26/16 7:05 AM

I've enjoyed the first part of your series, and I'm looking forward to reading more. You have a unique and powerful story.
Tamara Miles      6/29/16 2:41 PM
Whoops - should have responded with the Miles name... haha. I'm not married to Mr. Gantt anymore and prefer Miles. Blessings to you today.

Tamara Gantt      6/29/16 2:40 PM
I will definitely check out the new story. Thank you for letting me know.

Al Ainsworth      6/28/16 1:12 PM
Thank you for your feedback. I suppose I wanted "powerful" without "unique," but I have found that those are usually connected and not really seen as such except in retrospect. You may find it interesting that I am beginning work on a powerful story of a small school football coach who battled ALS through his last season and many years beyond. He made a unique call in a game that brought him instant and short-lived fame, but the "story behind the story" almost escaped untold. Though the major "event" in the story happened almost 30 years ago, the family has only recently recognized how impactful their story really is.

Sandra Robinson      5/28/16 5:33 PM

I love how you refer to "me too" moments. You must be amazing to hear preach. Great work!!
Al Ainsworth      5/30/16 12:36 PM
Thanks, Sandra, for the kind comments. My friend Scott Hanberry, who wrote the foreword, actually coined the term "me, too moments." We often serve as external hard drives for one another when we are preparing to write or speak, reminding one another of the most poignant parts of our messages from a listener's perspective. When I asked him to write the foreword, I asked him to key on the "me, too moments" that had been the center of so many previous conversations. Scott moved away close to a year ago. We still talk, but I'm also grateful to have this conversation in print so that I can revisit as we so often did while he was here. Thank you for joining in on our conversation--welcome!