Chapter 10: Post-reunion: Forward to the Past
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     I stepped through the doors of Quality Carats in Beverly Hills with my new fiancée. I realized it was probably inviting bad vibes, the very thing I usually went out of my way to avoid. But I figured I could at least use the $4,000 credit they had given me toward a new ring. Ron was bemused to see me and smugly asked if this was the “lucky lady.” I said, “Lucky? I’m not sure I’d call her that, but this is my fiancée, Laura.”

     I told Laura that she could pick out any ring she desired, and she began wandering the store, wide-eyed. Once she was out of earshot, I pulled Ron aside.

     “Look, the only reason I even came back here was to use my store credit of four grand. I still resent what yo...

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