Prose Poem: SPAM EATER
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I. “The only stereotype I know about Filipinos is that they like to eat SPAM”

He told me proudly on our first date / he was so handsome and his eyes were so blue and I was so glad that he noticed me / I laughed it off but I didn’t realize that it would become a running a joke / told myself that it didn’t really matter / how could something like love of canned ham be genetic? / so what if it is? / I’m proud to be part Filipino / the language eludes me but they say food can unite us across cultures / when I tried to make SPAM ‘N CASSEROLE for dinner and share with him that childhood memory he refused to eat it

II. He thought it was funny to snap the photograph of me while I licked my lips and looked longingly at the can of SPAM that I held in m...

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Table of Contents

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