So, You\'re Thirty!
By Maggie John

Daniel J. Flore III      8/27/16 6:48 PM

That'd be great and you're welcome! I read "How to have an amazing solo weekend" and I can so very much relate to the mental battle of am I loser/pathetic because I'm spending all this time alone? Oh, the ways we beat ourselves up for (my goodness!) following our instincts! :) I can also appreciate the sweatpants. Been sick for a couple of weeks and am practically living in them. The series is fresh, endearing writing- Keep it up!

Daniel J. Flore III      8/21/16 1:25 PM

Witty and charming. Your series is a lot of fun! Enjoying it!
Maggie John      8/22/16 6:31 PM
Thanks so much! I'm going to give yours a read as well!

Jenifer Higgins      8/04/16 4:33 PM

So funny! I just binged the first 12 installments! You have the best writing voice! :) So witty and clever. I love it. My favorite was how to get out of conversations with strangers.
Maggie John      8/22/16 6:31 PM
Thank you! That's so kind -- I really appreciate it! I've fallen behind because it's been an incredibly busy summer -- I'm going to be back at it very soon! I'll have to check out your series too. :-)

Sarah Warman      7/22/16 7:05 PM

I really enjoyed your latest on how to slow down a mid life crisis. I've had a lot of the same thoughts and it's really refreshing to read your viewpoint. I find a lot of people don't admit to their struggles on social media and that is what makes us all human doesn't it? The humble bragging along with the constant-day-update are the people that drive me nuts the most. I stopped following a few because of it. Great list and great reminders! I plan on reading it a few times.
Maggie John      8/03/16 12:42 PM
Thanks Sarah! This is something that I've had to do a lot of work to get through. I'm really susceptible to the humble bragging and the constant shows of how great one's life is -- I have to really remind myself that everything isn't always what it looks like. Especially not on social media!

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:24 PM

Maggie John      6/20/16 5:09 PM
Thank you Sandra! :-)

Lloyd A. Green      5/17/16 5:26 AM

In your last story, "A literal bag of garbage would have made a better boyfriend," painted a great mental picture. Enjoying the read. Looking forward to the next.
Maggie John      5/17/16 1:17 PM
Thank you! Maybe not the kindest way to describe an ex, but it was the most accurate I could come up with. I'm getting started on your series today. :-)

Lloyd A. Green      5/17/16 4:40 AM

I'm up to "Survive an abysmal first date." Telling the #6 shnook that "Since I rate higher than most, I don't know why I went out with you," was classic. Hey. I'm enjoying your humor. Now let me read on.

Bill McStowe      5/02/16 5:06 AM

Staying in shape: Starburst Jellybeans are ridiculously good. I wouldn't have made it home with the bag.
Maggie John      5/02/16 2:17 PM
It's unreal how delicious they are. I can buy a bag and have it half-way gone on my walk home.

Dan Fecht      4/25/16 4:43 PM

Seriously, this is funny. There is a nightmare in every workplace that thinks they do it all. Loving this guide!

Dan Fecht      4/18/16 2:31 AM

"Surviving Your Daily Commute"...Absolutely true and funny...You need to look up "Japanese train station during rush hour"on youtube. I imagine this as you. Ha.
Maggie John      4/18/16 7:06 PM
I'll look it up! Is it going to give me significant anxiety? Haha!

Bill McStowe      4/11/16 12:51 AM

"Abysmal"- You know there's a chance this guy went home and told his buddy the story and explained, "No, man, I totally smoothed it out. I told her she was a solid, solid six." Good grief.
Maggie John      4/11/16 2:06 PM
Oh, I'm sure you're right! He must believe that that was an acceptable remark - otherwise why would he have said it, right? I'm still so baffled.

Morgane Brun      4/07/16 5:03 AM

Really enjoying your series! Bit concerned that I've got almost a decade to go before getting to my thirties though, is it a bad sign that I can already relate to having major fall-outs with close friends at barely 20?! :(
Maggie John      4/08/16 7:58 PM
Not at all! I think that fall-outs with friends can happen at any age! You'll make other friends that will stay in your life for a long time! :-)

Sarah Warman      4/04/16 5:57 PM

I am enjoying your series! I could relate to the 'blow up' with ending a friendship. They are never fun.
Maggie John      4/04/16 10:20 PM
Thanks Sarah!! I have had more friendships end with a blow-out fight than I probably should have and I agree -- not a good time.

Bill McStowe      3/28/16 8:04 PM

Enjoyed the first installment! I like stuff like this- you know, the misery of others. 😉
Maggie John      3/28/16 8:11 PM
HAHA! Thank you! I like reading about the misery of others also -- so relatable! ;-)