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Maybe Later

By Clancy Weeks

Bill McStowe (Author of Uncharted)       3/29/17 5:44 PM

Congratulations, Clancy. I'd love a copy so that I can finish the story.

Clancy Weeks      3/30/17 8:24 AM

You're on the mailing list! Email me with an address at clancylweeks @ att dot net

Bill McStowe (Author of Uncharted)       3/29/17 5:44 PM

Congratulations, Clancy. I'd love a copy so that I can finish the story.

Clancy Weeks (Author of Sleepers)       3/29/17 10:37 AM

Sleepers has just recently been picked up by a print publisher, so the final 2 chapters will not be posted here. Those currently subscribing who contact me directly (leave a message on my blog at or on this discussion thread) will receive a free signed copy when they become available. Thank you for reading! --Clancy

Clancy Weeks      1/30/17 9:16 AM

Chapter 28 is up!

Clancy Weeks      6/17/16 4:38 PM

Wow... I haven't had anything to say since chapter 4 went up. What's wrong with me? Five and six are already up, and I hope people are happy with them. Feel free to comment on the writing. Be brutal... I need that.

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:32 PM


Clancy Weeks      6/07/16 8:44 PM

Chapter 4 is here! Things are heating up...

Clancy Weeks      5/31/16 11:52 AM

Chapter three is up! My goal is one a week, even though my series info says twice a month. I'll try to keep up the pace for as long as you want it.

Clancy Weeks      5/20/16 2:01 PM

Chapter 2 is now up. A week early, I might add. :) Don't get used to it...

Sarah Luddun      5/19/16 4:51 PM

A big thanks to Jae Mazer for ferociously bullying me into subscribing to this series. Not kidding when I say if you don't read this, you are seriously missing out. Very, very good. Mr. Weeks, do you have any other publications? I would like to read more.

Clancy Weeks      5/19/16 6:24 PM

Hey... she bullies me into writing, too. That's something we have in common. :) No other publications yet, but I'm always hopeful... Chapter 2 should be ready soon, but there is still some editing to do. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Jae Mazer (Author of Chrysalis and Clan)       5/15/16 2:51 AM

This is a very strong start to what I predict will be a brilliant book. The writing is strong, the characters are raw and relatable, and the story is intensely intriguing. Well done. Can't wait to read on...