Chapter 23 (2)
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I finally open my eyes.

Siron is pulling on all her restraints, pulling her limbs against each shackle until...

I taste vomit as her little bare foot goes limp, then snaps free. Not of the restraint, but of the leg. It falls to the floor with a wet slap. The bloody stump of her leg kicks high in the air, splattering crimson across my chest as she slams it into her other leg.

Her other foot tears free.

"SIR!" another soldier shouts as I stare on, frozen. "ORDERS!"

Uncle Alex is in shock, watching the gore, mouth agape. He doesn't answer the frantic pleas of his soldiers.

One of Dakota's little hands rips free as Siron screams. It thumps to the ground.

Siron twists, then stabs the bon...

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