Chapter 22 (5)
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“Don’t go just yet, dearies!” Siron yells, her voice on the verge of insanity. “Just stay! Stay for Mommy! Pound me some more! Tell me I’ve been a bad girl! COME ON! Do it! You want to finish me, FINISH ME! I DARE YOU!”

Her veil surrounds her, spinning counterclockwise like a tornado. Her hands rise toward the sky, hoisting her veil as high as it can go.

Far away, Den’ga has started marching toward the battle.

“You both need to leave, now!” Magno demands. “Jaqk, grab Teruya and get back to the real world!”

“But I need to stay!” I assert. “I’m the only one who can get past her veil!”

“But that’s not what you need to do right now! You are the only...

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