Chapter 22 (4)
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stand back up and run, tears blocking my view, Siron executes her daughter.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of branches shoot through Quiora, mutilating her. Her body falls in chunks, some blown as far as Teruya's collapsed shape as the limbs disappear in a blinding flash.

In the real world, the foot comes down on Quiora just as she leaps, her massive body exploding in a bloody mess. Gore floods over the farmlands like a tidal wave.

I want to stop. I want to kneel and let myself go. I want to be a blubbering mess. Three of them are dead already! I need to step up! I need to fight!

I rush Siron, but this time, I don’t punch or kick. Instead, I grasp her by the collar of Dakota's dress and raise her to my eye level. She glares right at me, hate blazing in her eyes.


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