Chapter 22 (1)
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Chapter 22


Jaqk? Come closer.”

I can't move.

But something’s different this time. This isn’t Siron controlling me⁠—I'm held by actual hands in a tight, warm hug.

My vision finally adjusts just as they let go.

Oh my god.

It’s the babies. The kaiju, but they’ve grown. Each is around five feet tall, a thin sheen of blood covering each of their naked bodies. Even in these human-like forms, I think I can tell them apart.

To the left of me stand Wiver and Quiora, the former still tall and rail-thin and the latter rather plump. To my right is a teen with a jock’s build that I can only assume is Kintalo Tut, and another lanky boy that must be Dentona.

And right i...

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