Chapter 21 (2)
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my father gave me, I may lose my grandfather’s katana, but I will never lose these scars. It may have been painful, but I will never lose them. They will always remind me of that time. I'm sure you have such keepsakes as well."

I look away. "I don't have much more than memories."

"That can be enough, if you want it to be."

I don't look back at him. I can’t. It's about to get started.

Every kaiju's before us⁠—every one of Siron's brood has arrived at the battlefield. We are behind them; she is in front of them. And after seeing what power these children have, I'm glad I'm on this side of the fight. Even if they lose, I'm glad there is a right side to root for here. Siron's morals can be...

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