Chapter 19 (3)
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into the room just in time for me to hear Siron speak again.

"Have you met God?"

This stops me in my tracks. "What?"

"Have you met God?" she asks again. "Your little dyke has. Have you?"

Oh no. Oh God, no. What has she done to Dakota? "I...What are you talking about?"

"Just off Highway 1 in Canada, a few miles outside Winnipeg, that's where your cunny met God. God must have smelled the pussy on her breath. He sent a stop sign right through her head. I can't make that shit up."

"What the hell are you saying?" the general demands.

"Sinners burn in Hell, Jaqk. Are you a sinner?"


"Don't worry, your actions have spoken for you. Still, don't ru...

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