Chapter 19 (2)
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>Then there really is nothing we can do, not on our end. I'll continue to help her children when and where I can, but if Siron's not killed soon, then Dakota will probably die.

I close my eyes and, not trusting myself to say anything else on the matter, I ask the second question burning a hole in my mind: "What about Monique? Any word from her?"

Uncle Alex shakes his head. "No word on if she reached a bunker. We've reached out to all of them at least once a day. They've even done several headcounts to see if she and her family slipped by, and they had pictures of them, too. Nobody’s seen them. We have nothing, Jaqk."

"Can I try and call her again?"

"I...Jaqk, I don't think it'll make a difference."


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