Chapter 18 (4)
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>"Shut up," I say shyly.

He stares me down, his jaw agape. I watch as he raises his hand and pulls the goggles off his face, the strap snapping. "What did you—?"

"I said, shut your bitch ass up!"

He stiffens. He clearly didn't expect me to say that. I think it only makes him feel worse.


"He was supposed to be our savior?" I ask. "No, Magno, that's Grade-A bullshit we've been telling ourselves since this whole mess started! Wendigo was never who we put our faith in! You were, you were supposed to lead Siron's brood to the truth, to lead them into battle against their mother for the good of the planet! But no, you didn't think you could do it! You thought it would be easier t...

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