Chapter 18 (2)
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>And so begins the fall of Man.

Quiora is the first to announce her presence, roaring a challenge.

Wendigo, Wiver under his heal, whips his head around to face her.

He's annoyed.

The distraction works.

Kintalo Tut takes the chance. He rushes Wendigo, the kaiju turning just in time to see Tut's massive fist strike his skull.

Wendigo tumbles, and out of the darkness, Dentona strikes.

It lunges out of the night, both spiked hands raised high in the air, bent like those of a praying mantis. As Wendigo falls, Dentona brings both claws down on the monster's ribcage.

Wendigo howls in pain, splashed by his own purple blood. At least a quarter of either spike sinks inside his body.

When they finally slide out, dripping gore, Wiver rise...

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