Chapter 17 (3)
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thinking it over himself? But he's not actually looking at me, he's looking past me. His eyes widen as I hear the first bombing footsteps in the distance.

The ground trembles as I look behind me.

Of course, he's ahead of schedule.

Wendigo is marching down the narrow street, the sides of buildings and balconies crumbling against his hairy thighs. He's still a ways away, but approaching fast. From behind us, I hear another rumble. Teruya and I both realize what it is, his face giving the revelation away before I look back.

Wiver has landed at the opposite end of the street, standing tall on his hind legs, his tail smashing against the ground like a loose garden hose.

Wendigo roars and stops advancing as the two kaiju size each other up. Wiver returns...

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