Chapter 17 (2)
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waiting for us. We board, with Alexis sitting with us since two pilots occupy the cockpit, and we're soon flying off to yet another smoky abyss.

I can't tell what time it is, but my insanely inaccurate body clock is trying to tell me it's late, maybe ten or eleven at night. We race toward the darkness, the bellowing flames giving the scene below us an eerie red glow.

We stay above the clouds, at least for now. Alexis announces over the radio headsets that when there’s a suitable place to land, we'll start the recon before pushing deeper.

"We can't waste too much time," Teruya warns. "We have to get to Wiver before Wendigo!"

"Then you should have shown up an hour ago!" Alexis snaps. "Wendigo's been sighted off the coast; he'...

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