Chapter 16 (4)
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Dakota's and Monique's naked bodies hang above me, each reaching out for me with lust in her eyes. Teruya explodes with laughter.

"Jaqk, I need you!" Monique yells.

"Make me feel good again!" Dakota yells.

"I need that tongue of yours!"

"Lick all the blood off of me like you did before!"

"Show me how it feels to be loved!"

"Show me how it feels to be used!"

"Teach me sin!"

"Teach me about myself, show me everything my body can do! Show me what it means to be a woman again!"

I can’t take this anymore! "NO! NO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!

Siron laughs. The spider draws inward, so close. "Oh, but you’re so invit...

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