Chapter 16 (1)
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The C-17 returns to the airport after we're sure Quiora and Wendigo are more than twenty-five miles off the coast. Before we even board the plane and bid Cornell Connelly goodbye again, the general is already calling for us.

We debrief him on our latest progress.

"So, you did get through? She knows?"

I nod. "She knows. Don't know if she believed it or not."

"It'll have to do. We've confirmed that Wendigo is now on his way to Sydney to face the final kaiju. He's got a ways to go, but for now, we finally have some good visuals of Wiver from a high-altitude flyby. Stand by."

The screen grows black as a new image fades in.

From so high up, the fires in Sydney resemble the Eye of Sauron looki...

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