Chapter 15 (4)
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tree, leaving me to watch the real-world battle.

While he regains progress, Quiora rolls out from the flames, patchy fires still dotting her skin. Wendigo charges headfirst, his antlers tearing apart buildings on either side of him.

She's on guard, ready to fight. But she’s smarter than that. She knows she can't brute-force him. She has to think methodically about this: strategy over ferocity.

When Wendigo closes in, she bolts toward the river. Her brother doesn't notice in time; he falls forward on his antlers after lowering them to strike Quiora. Instead, they send the massive kaiju pole-vaulting over his own antlers and crashing down on his back. The earth trembles below us; a cloud of ash consumes him as he lands.

As Quiora watches from the river, Teruya's grasp...

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