Chapter 15 (3)
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we followed her nine miles in minutes! I'm not so shocked at our feat, but hers. Connelly is right: For her size, she can run incredibly fast.

She roars up at the sky as Teruya extends his hand to me. I take it, and we’re in the fight again.

Another tree stands before Teruya, already spiked with thorns this time. But this tree is far smaller than the others, its thorns barely the size of my head. Once, I would've thought that was monstrous, but when compared to what I saw of Kintalo Tut's tree, Quiora's isn’t even a shrub.

Teruya feels this, too. I can sense it. He thinks that this will be an easy breakthrough.

"Wendigo has surfaced!" Connelly announces over the radio, his voice a distant, fading dream. "He's fo...

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