Chapter 14 (2)
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is a chance Teruya could break through on his own before Wendigo shows up and interferes. Of all the siblings, she would be the one most likely to go down without much of a fight. Or so Teruya and the general think.

A long flight lays ahead of us, and I'm not about to just sit here and stare at Teruya again. We both need rest. Once airborne, Teruya leaves the cabin and thoroughly shocks me when he brings back a pair of blankets and pillows.

He hands one set to me. "This will not be comfortable, but it's the best we have."

I take them, still a little shocked at the offering. "Thank you."

He shakes his head. "No thanks in order. We need sleep." He takes his own set to the opposite row of chairs and begins making his bed. "You ha...

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