Chapter 14 (1)
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I don't know who I'm sadder to see go, Wendigo or Xie.

Of course, I'm sad to see them go for very different reasons. Wendigo's the problem, but Xie at least lightened the mood some. I'm by no means drunk off this one fan I've found over the course of this adventure, but his presence will be missed.

But my mind's on other thoughts when we return to the airport.

We waited up at the peak for another hour while Teruya tried his best to make contact with the weary Kintalo Tut. But the beast wasn't listening. The two of them silently fought until Kintalo dragged himself back into the ocean and, according to reports, swam in the opposite direction of Wendigo. Like Dentona, it appears that Kintalo is resting at the bottom of the sea, except t...

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