Chapter 13 (4)
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to whisk everyone out of harm’s way. "We need to go!"

Kintalo parts its massive teeth slowly and roars up at us. Then, it shoots forward on one foot in a leap that carries it no less than half a mile with ease.

"We need to go!" Xie shouts again as whistling fills the air above us. He jerks us both by the collars and drags us toward the Humvees. A massive foot comes down on top of a nearby building, a second foot not far away. We stop dead in our tracks and look up, fearing Kintalo has already made it up the hill.

It's not Kintalo.

The Wendigo hunches down atop the peak, bending his legs and spreading both arms, the left casting a shadow over us. Then, he leaps from the mountain and toward a stunned Kintalo Tut. His legs refold under him...

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