Chapter 13 (3)
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not so much in the mind of the creatures."

"All right, do what you can. We've got some feeds, but it looks like the latency is slow."

As Uncle Alex speaks, I feel Teruya's hand grip my shoulder. He looks at me, and for the first time, I see some genuine worry in his eyes. I place my hand firmly on his shoulder.

"We're going in," I say with confidence that I think gives Teruya a small boost. I hope it's enough.

Then, just like that, we're in.

Kintalo Tut lies far beneath us. Then, in a flash, we’re only a few dozen feet up. Then closer, closer, and around to his head. I can look right into his jeweled eye. Unblinking and still, I wonder if the creature may already be dead.

Then, he breathes.

A ha...

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