Chapter 12 (4)
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studying the settling dust for any signs of life. His tongue hangs limply, saliva dripping from the tip. Even here, I can see the shimmering drops disappear into the ash below.

Dentona lunges out from the smoke headfirst, open-mouthed, and catches Wendigo by surprise. He bites down on Wendigo's arm, eliciting a roar of pain from the larger kaiju. But Wendigo quickly collects himself and stares down at the little head desperately clamped onto his limb.

Wendigo shows no mercy. Its bony jaw opens and bites down on Dentona's neck. It shakes its foe like a wild dog ripping flesh from bone.

Dentona lets go and bolts.

Wendigo makes a wide swing for the creature as it retreats, only managing to blow the smoke from its wake. Dentona flees for a nearby suburb as Wendigo watches it go....

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