Chapter 12 (1)
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We're shipped off to LA as soon as Teruya gets himself together. He's not said a word to me since the fight in Siron's containment center, and my uncle never brought it up.

Uncle Alex has to know, so why didn’t he say something, even if it's to scold me for hitting Teruya? It'd ease some tension if he at least acknowledged it, but we're in the air before I have much of a chance to talk with him.

We're the only passengers in the nearly deserted C-17. One of us sits on either side. Teruya keeps his eyes shut, lost in thought. He knows I've been staring at him the whole flight—he has to. Maybe that's why he refuses to look at me. Maybe he realizes he went too far.

But I can't be that lucky.

Knowing him, he's probably preparing...

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