Chapter 11 (2)
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the tops of buildings sink into the plume of ash.

Kintalo Tut doesn't bat a jeweled eye down at the destruction. He simply wades into the black smog like a pool that only comes to his knees and powers on.


It's Uncle Alex. My eyes jerk away from the screen just as Kintalo raises his hand again.

"Get Teruya!" he orders. "Your flight's just been moved up!"


I don't know what frightens me more: fighting the kaiju or facing Teruya right now.

I can't imagine the pain he's in. Yes, I lost my parents and my sister, but I still had a home. There were still remnants, memories, and places left behind to remind me of them. A culture. A people. A country.

Teruya has none of that now....

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