Chapter 9 (2)
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Magno shakes his head. "Fine, but I'm not cleaning up someone else's piss again. Happens every time, I swear! It's like they lose control!"

The scientist starts down the hall again, and we all follow. More female soldiers pass us by, none so much as batting an eye at any of us. Still, I see Magno look them all over as they pass, up and down rapidly like a lizard bobbing its head. My first thought is that he's a pervert—not a big shock if he is—but I don't think that's why he looks the soldiers over. He's examining them, almost like they’re some experiment of his. Still, it only makes me feel more uncomfortable; I would almost prefer he was a pervert. At least perverts are predictable.

As the weirdo trots further and further ahea...

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