Chapter 7 (3)
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stop myself. "You're shitting me."

Teruya shoots me a look. I already know I shouldn't have said anything; I don't need his chiding glare.

"I didn't shit you, dear," Siron tells me, "but I did give birth to circumstance, to the possibility of your existence."

"You are no God," Teruya growls.

"Oh, dear! Don't say that about Mommy," she scolds in a sarcastic tone before it fades into utter contempt. "Never talk down to Mommy. Never."

"Where did you come from?" Teruya demands.

"I was born of the Earth’s energy, sweetie. I-"

"Bullshit," he interrupts. "You were not born on Earth."

Siron's eyes narrow. "You know quite a l...

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