Chapter 5 (3)
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with a hiss. I waste no time hurrying inside.

I near Dakota's body and begin to reach out when Uncle Alex orders me to stay behind the red square painted on the ground. It's nearly ten feet across, encompassing the center of the room and surrounding my bound sister. I comply but still see no reason to stop.

"Dakota?" I whisper.

She stirs. I want to reach for her, to undo those straps and hug her. But I can't try; Uncle Alex is by my side, his hand clasped firmly on my shoulder. Why can't I touch her? Why can't I...?

A monster looks up at me.

The frail, wrinkled old woman who lured me into her cabin.

My heart stops as I stare into those sunken eyes again.

The monster smiles.

"Good," she hisses. "The dyke is here⁠&m...

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