Chapter 5 (2)
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I chased her, but she was too fast. Even in that damn princess outfit she loved, she could outrun me, looking over her shoulder and laughing while her jewel-encrusted tiara threatened to blind me. Eventually, if not immediately, I surrendered and sauntered back to camp. I thought she would scare herself once she discovered she was alone and would finally stick with us. Worst case, I assumed we'd catch up to her after I joined the rest of the family.

We hiked for an hour. Then another. Then another. These last two were in search of Dakota.

By the time Uncle Alex found that cheap tiara just off the trail, dotted with specks of blood, Mom was already hysterical.

Back then, I didn’t know what to do, or even what to feel. I was upset, but more than that, I was angry at Mom, Dad...

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