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Angel on the Hill

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For Gessille and Isaac


Angel on the Hill

It is told through voices of distant travelers that the greatest wish one can possess is to see snow. Snow, as many children are taught, is a luxury in these vast lands of grass. The small flakes of white do not fall during times of common living. The desirable civilians often recite prayers to Griffins of the Clouds for items of luxury: love, beauty, happiness, wealth, and stature. To no avail, these prayers often go unanswered.

    Many years had passed since the appearance of the first Griffin flew down into the small village under the Hill, granting wishes to those worthy. The mother of two small children, Zacky and Gabrielle, was unable to have her wish of possessing a long life fulfilled; she became ill from an unknown source. Many doctors in the village performed tests, and priests blessed her and the land, but with no success. Many days later, the scared children watched their mother’s soul rise to the blue sky, sparkling under rays of sunlight.

    One night, Zacky and Gabrielle were sitting near the fireplace, attempting to remain warm from the freezing air blowing through the empty darkness. Their grandmother was sitting at the dining table, a glass of brown liquid in hand, drooling in her sleep. The two children sat across from each other. Zacky was playing with a deck of cards; Gabrielle was nearly finished drawing a beautiful girl, in the brightest dress revealing pink.

    Suddenly, the wind stopped blowing; all was silent but their grandmother’s snoring and sharp crackle of wood beneath the yellow flames. Zacky grabbed his sister’s hand as they stood up and walked towards the window. Through the glass was blackness extending forever. Gabrielle began ushering her brother away when a swift ball of light stole their attention. This light faced the children in the window, floating with the still breeze. The brightest white this ball possessed, yet no blindness came to either pair of eyes.

    Suddenly, the wooden door flew open. The grandmother, startled, lifted her head and looked around; she resumed her slumber. Zacky and Gabrielle edged their way to the opening, crossing their arms to fight the chill. The floating light was in the frame; it floated for multiple minutes with no movement. After, it made a slow retreat to the outside world.

    Zacky and Gabrielle, with calmness, reached for their heavy coats. Gathering the courage, they eventually stepped outside the small home. The ball of light remained still in the air. Gabrielle took the first step onto the hard grass; Zacky followed. Closer they came; closer, closer, closer, until laughter filled the darkness.

    The two turned their heads in a frantic manner to locate the voice. The ball of light soon possessed partial blockage of luminescence as two hands reached from behind it. The small fingers grabbed the ball, then a small formation began to form; the white light became the outline. Zacky and Gabrielle gasped as a little boy began to appear in that spot, the darkness yielding to his presence. His black hair was visible, his brown eyes sparkling.

    “Who are you?” asked Zacky.

    The little boy laughed; he turned around and ran.

    “Hey! Wait!” said Gabrielle.

    The siblings began chasing the glowing boy through their dead field. Nothing but flat land they felt until the dirt began to slope under them. The little boy flew up the hill with ease; Zacky and Gabrielle were tiring and slowing their speed. The small figure was at the tip when he stopped. His back remained towards the siblings as they managed to continue the climb.

    Panting, Zacky and Gabrielle found themselves next to the little boy. They remained curious as he stood still, eyes closed, his mouth in a smile. After a few moments of silence, he opened his eyes and took multiple steps forward; a small piece of wood appeared. This wood was of a cubed formation, slowly rising from the rumble of dirt. After multiple minutes, it began increasing in size. Before the siblings’ very eyes, the cube came to possess the height of a short house.

    Zacky and Gabrielle, startled, watched as the little boy began walking towards the cube with haste. Stopping a few inches away, he held up the ball of light; his arms were parallel to the ground. In a flash,...Continue Reading

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