Bradford Mansion: Chapter 10 (2)
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Of course, Nathan made sure the same sorts of things were done to the family and they vacated the property within the week.

But Josephine…there was certainly something different about her. Faced with proof of a haunting, somehow she was not frightened. Well, not enough to keep her from standing her ground. The fire in her eyes, even as her hands trembled, was delightful. Had he been isolated for too long or was she particularly vibrant and exciting?

Lost in his reverie, Nathan was startled when she started yelling. She stood in the middle of her room, her hair wild, her hands in fists at her sides. She stomped her foot and scowled like a petulant child. And it was divine.

With the lights out, he could see her smug grin as she snuggled under the covers. “Th...

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