Bradford Mansion: Chapter 10 (1)
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Jo stood motionless for a moment, unsure of what had just happened. Then, with a shake of her head, she flew across the room to flip on the light. The closet stood open, dark, and empty. Rummaging through the hangers, she knocked against all the walls, pushing to see if there was a hidden door of some kind.

Because there was no way she just had a conversation with a ghost.

She slid the doors closed, pressing her palms flat against the wood. So that was Nathan. Definitely not what she had expected. In her mind she had pictured a wild man, dirty and unkempt, someone who had been living alone in the woods for a very long time. Instead, she had stood there in her bedroom and argued with an irritating, handsome man with piercing blue eyes. Who also happened to be transparent - and dead.


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