The Photo in the Window: Chapter 4 (2)
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meet him. Through all the noise and lights and wind he said a silent prayer for death to be swift and immediate, because he knew he couldn’t handle the pain the impact would cause.

He hit the ground abruptly, with only a slight, “Oof!” There was no great collision, not much pain – his hands and knees landed hard in gravel – but the wind and lights and screeching continued. Scott peeled his eyes open, certain he was in some form of Hell, but it wasn’t like any Hell he had ever imagined.

Rolling onto his back slowly, the chaos in his head calmed down and he began to make sense of everything around him. He found himself lying maybe 15 feet from a set of railroad tracks, a freight train flying by in a blur of sound and sight and wretched smells. His stomach obj...

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Table of Contents

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