Bradford Mansion: Chapter 3 (2)
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the Mansion, eh?”

Jo had smiled at the grizzled old man behind the counter and nodded. “I sure am. It's incredible!”

He nodded and clucked his tongue. “Have you met Nathan, then?”

“I can’t say that I have. Does he live close to the Mansion?”

There was a snicker from behind her and Jo whirled around to see a round woman with steel-colored hair and eyes nearly the same color.

“Does he-? No, darlin’, he don’t live nearby. But everyone who buys that place meets him sooner than later.”

“Oh Bess, stop scaring the poor thing!”

Bess made a rude gesture at the clerk and waddled out the front door while he laughed. “Don’t pay her no mind. My wife’s got a bit of a mea...

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