The Photo in the Window: Chapter 1 (2)
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There was a buzzing in Scott’s ears and he gave his head a quick shake in an attempt to make it stop. He stared into her eyes, those despondent eyes, and the buzzing grew louder. More insistent. On the edge of his vision he perceived black shadows creeping in, the sound in his head growing louder and louder. The image of Lily began to waver and warp and he had to get out of there.


He stumbled backwards, tumbling out of the display area and landing hard on his back. The old man was framed in the doorway, calling out. Scott could see his lips moving but the words were lost to him. He rolled onto his stomach and crawled toward the front door, thinking only that he had to get out of there. He had to find Karen, he was supposed to meet Karen for something important. He launche...

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