The Photo in the Window: Chapter 1 (1)
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The face seemed familiar.

So much so that Scott backpedaled on the sidewalk to get a closer look. He gazed through the big picture window at the portrait that had caught his eye. It was a black and white photograph of a family from the early 20th century – at least that was his best guess. An older couple sat in the center with, presumably, their two children standing behind them. The parents and the son barely registered to Scott. His eye was drawn to the young woman in the photo.

She had dark hair piled in a soft pillow around the back of her head, framing her heart-shaped face. Her gown was pale with a square neckline, intricate beading tracing the lines across her chest and over her shoulders. She wore a gem-encrusted band over her hair, not holding it back but as simple deco...

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Table of Contents

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