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Maybe Later

Sera Storme
By Marcel Barker

Angel Ramon (Author of The Thousand Years War)       7/18/16 6:27 AM

Sorry I haven't had the time to read your book but I read the first chapter and the beginning has me hooked. So I sense a book read is ahead for me, now it's finding the time lol. So I'll be reading it on occasion, but the first chapter and cover alone has me hooked. I see great potential here! While you at it you can check out my book "The Thousand Years War".

Hannah Sandoval (Author of Arcamira)       5/15/16 6:13 PM

This is one of my favorite series on here. You hooked me with that first colorful (literally), action-packed chapter, and I've had a great time ever since. I've found myself slowing down my reading ever since I saw that you finished the book because I just don't want it to end.

Hannah Sandoval (Author of Arcamira)         6/24/16 3:51 PM

Yay! I'll be waiting to subscribe. Glad you're feeling the inspiration again.

Marcel Baker      6/24/16 3:42 AM

You know, I was really not sure. I'd actually planned on taking a hiatus from writing. Then I got an email yesterday that Channillo had just paid my royalties out to my charity (Battered Women's Support Services), and now I'm pretty inspired. I think I will after all.

Hannah Sandoval (Author of Arcamira)         6/06/16 7:13 PM

I'm so glad! I've finished the book, and I really enjoyed the ride. Is Sera perhaps going to have another adventure with the newly established crew of the Fortuna Redux? I'm crossing my fingers. Thanks for a great read!

Marcel Baker      6/04/16 5:06 AM

Thank you so much, Hannah. This made my day :)

Kay Gardner (Author of windows)       2/22/16 5:37 PM

it just gets better and better :)

Kay Gardner (Author of windows)       12/15/15 3:51 PM

very imaginative! of course i'm dying to see how sera's confrontation with the telepath goes ;)

Marcel Barker (Author of Sera Storme)       11/22/15 5:15 PM

Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing it.

Kay Gardner (Author of windows)       11/17/15 8:56 PM

wow.. nothing like impossible, huh? very much enjoying the series :)