Chapter 26: Home
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They left Mars. 

Sabian took the Trillium ship away from the planet, through the riven fragments of planet that was once Earth, through the newly created portal linking Sol once more with the rest of the galaxy. They came out again in familiar Nerrivik space. They docked with the portal station that Sera and Sabian had saved. The Trillium soldiers left on the ship they’d taken were escorted down to Nerrivik by the Taurean Navy.

Jayne Matisse and Pol Dekker greeted them when they arrived, brought them back to Dasra Memorial Hospital on Nerrivik. Sera was in the hospital for a week. Sabian and Lani visited her every data. Lani brought flowers, big ridiculous arrangements as bold as Lani herself. Sabian indulged the girl and paid for the extravagant purchases. Each day Lani brought a larger and more...

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