Chapter 25: Lani
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Lani opened the cabin door. Her mom was on the ground, hurt badly, leaning on her gun. Lani went to her, put her mom’s arm around her small shoulder, helped her to stand.

“Lani…” her mom said. She coughed, and a little bit of blood came out of her mouth.

“Shh,” Lani hushed. Lani held her. She started to cry. Nadia and Audric had always told her that big girls didn’t cry, but her mom was crying too so she guessed it was okay.

“Where’s Sabian?” Lani asked. 

Her mom pointed. “Cockpit.” It was hard for her to talk, so Lani didn’t ask any more questions. 

Elysse was lying on the ground, like a doll nobody wanted to play with anymore. Her chest was wet and red. Lani closed her eyes and turned her head...

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