Chapter 24: Ares Valles
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Xane Mori’s stolen Taurean fighter was badly damaged, but the onboard electronics were still fully functional.

“It’s a military ship,” Sera told Sabian, “it should have flight logs. Find out it’s last point of departure.”

Sabian sat down in the pilot’s seat. “Will do.”

The navigational computer chimed and spewed out data, displaying it on the small monitor beside the seat.

“It looks like the last place this ship had landed was called New Aylik. There’s numerous log entries of this ship departing and arriving from there. New Aylik is about eight hundred kilometres from here.”

“Looks like that’s where we’re headed, then.” Sera coughed, rubbed her chest. It was terribly sore from the impact of Xane Mori’...

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