Chapter 22: Lani
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Lani was wearing the long yawn-blue skirt Elysse gave her to wear over her boring black pants. She had a red shirt with long sleeves that she put on underneath a white shirt with short sleeves, so that the red sleeves stuck out. Elysse had taken all of her fun clothes, but if she had to wear a bunch of boring stuff then at least she could Lani-fy it a bit.

Elysse was away, talking with some men from Mars about what to do now that their plan to build a big empire or whatever failed. Lani smiled a little. She knew that a little bit of it was her fault.

There wasn’t much to do on the ship, but she was allowed to wander around if she wanted. She went for a walk to the galley, to find out if there was any more of those lemon pastries left. She walked up the metal stairs, and bum...

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