Chapter 19: Lani
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Lani woke up with a big yawn. She rubbed the crunchy stuff out of her eyes with her fists. 

She was just the right amount of warm, in a small comfortable bed with white sheets and a soft pink comforter and huge fluffy pillows. Lani was curled up on the bed, snuzzled up in the comforter like a bird in a nest. Being kidnapped sucked, but at least the ship’s cabin was way more comfy than that office she’d been in before.

Lani’s cabin was smaller than Adanna’s guest room, but it was large enough for an eight year old girl. The walls were made from some kind of wood, but shiny. The wall across from the door was curved, with a big round window. Last night Lani had looked out at the stars for a while, but once they went through the p-node the window had closed and the...

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