Chapter 18: Aquamarine
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In the passenger seat of his speeding sportscar, Pol Dekker was speaking on his com again.

“Sabian,” he said, “We could use some assistance. Sera’s heading to some building, Aquamarine, I think. She’s seeing red though, Sabian. There’s no reasoning with her.” Pol paused a moment, then spoke again. “Thanks, Sabian.”

The car sped through the streets of the Emerald City. The evening sun set the gemstone buildings ablaze.

“Sabian’s help I can do without,” Sera snarled.

“No,” Pol said, “you can’t. He’s a fantastic fighter and you’re... I don’t know what you’re doing. Launching a one-woman frontal assault on the Trillium criminal organization it seems.”

Sera tightened her grip on the steering whee...

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