Chapter 16: Lani
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Lani explored the new gap in her teeth with her tongue. It felt strange, soft and bumpy. Sort of like plastic, with a hole in the middle of it. She still tasted a bit of blood, a sort of metally flavour. The reason blood tasted like iron was because of hemoglobin; Lani had learned that in school last year.

Her tooth had been wiggly before, but it hadn’t been ready just yet to come out. She didn’t remember losing it. She’d had it before, at Adanna’s, even though when she ate meat she had to chew on the other side of her mouth. Now it was missing. Lani guessed it probably had fallen out when she’d bit that man. She’d bitten him pretty hard, enough to draw blood. Lani imagined the look on the man’s face when he found a tooth stuck into his arm. How gross woul...

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