Chapter 15: Waking Up
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When she came to, Sera’s arm felt numb and her head was throbbing. She was lying on a metal bed, in a bright white room. A sea of other beds surrounded her, and in each bed a person lay broken. Her mouth was dry. She hurt everywhere.

“Where…?” she tried to ask.

“You’re back on Nerrivik,” a woman’s voice said above her; she guessed it must be Jayne Matisse. “You’re in Dasra Memorial Hospital. Are you able to hear?”

Sera nodded, then tried to speak. She was having difficulties focussing. Small erratic polygons flickered in the bottom right of her field of view. Her cybernetic eyes had been damaged. Normal vision seemed fine, but her targeting HUD was more of a distraction now than a help. She turned it off. At least her hearing seemed to have...

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