Chapter 14: P7
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Not intending to rescue anyone other than Sera, Sabian explained that he had only brought one spare helmet and jump pack. He agreed to shuttle them back and forth to the Arion, one at a time.

The interior of the ship was exactly what Sera would expect from Sabian; practical and unadorned. The cargo area was empty except for a foot locker for equipment, with a cold metal floor and bare walls. The cockpit seated one.

Sera did have to admit, she was impressed that he owned his own ship. Not many bounty hunters could claim that. She doubted very much that Sabian Delain had started out in life with much money. It was more likely that he had simply been diligent and meticulous and had earned it.

Sabian hadn’t been kidding about the size though. Two people might have been able to si...

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